About Us


GPSN is a non-profit intermediary organization exclusively focused on improving Los Angeles public education. GPSN envisions a public school system in Los Angeles that prepares all students to succeed in school and to live thriving adult lives.
Guided by this vision, our mission is to bring together the Los Angeles community to catalyze the transformation of the public education system so that students of color and students living in poverty gain the knowledge, skills, and experiences to lead thriving adult lives.

Our Board

Archana Patel

Board Chair

Lindsey Kozberg

Board Secretary

Virgil Roberts

Board Treasurer

Brian Bauer

Board Member

Maria Casillas

Board Member

Oscar Cruz

Board Member

Yolie Flores

Board Member

Dr. Magaly Lavadenz

Board Member

Erica Lim

Board Member

Our Team

Adrián Sandoval

Senior Director, Policy & Advocacy

Alexis Hill

Policy Fellow

Ana Ponce

Executive Director

Ana Teresa Dahan

Managing Director

Argelia Garcia

Senior Manager, Grants Management & Impact

Dayana De La Torre

Senior Manager, Collective Action

Dinan Guan

Senior Manager, Student Impact

Jasmine Ako

Program Director, Student Impact

Justin Lewis

Office Coordinator

Katherine “Kat” Trejo

Program Officer, Collective Action

Melissa Gonzalez

Senior Director, Student Impact

Monica Garcia

Special Advisor

Ray López-Chang

Director, Advocacy & Planning

Theo Ossei-Anto

Director, Employer Engagement

Vereaux Reynolds

Senior Director, Operations & Strategy